Good news from Madrid

My sister has just picked up my kazakh visa from the consulate in Madrid, and there have been no problems despite not having included any addresses for my stay in the country nor a letter of invitation from a travel agency. It seems that the simplified visa application process for Spanish citizens really does work.

This Friday the great Jenson Button will hand me the passport, since he is paying a visit to Barcelona this weekend to see his love.

p.s. Ok, not Jenson Button himself, but a friend from Madrid who looks very much like him…

Kazakh visa latest news

Today my sister has finally managed to hand in my application forms to the Kazakh consulate in Madrid. After having been told that it was closed because it was a Kazakh national holiday, then a holiday in the city of Madrid (one of the maaaany they seem to have), then that they are not open on Wednesdays, she finally found it open today.

She said that the guy there was surprised someone would want to go to his country as a tourist, and even more surprised that I was then moving on to Russia.

It seems that the visa will be ready next Thursday, let’s hope it all works out in time for a friend of mine who is coming to Barcelona this Friday to bring it to me.