Playmobil Adventure Rider

This Christmas I got a really coolest present ever: a Playmobile Adventure Rider! OK, the box says “Summer Fun”, but that sounds too generic, look at the guy and tell me he is not a true adventure rider…


He comes dressed in a riding jacket, with an off-road helmet, a backpack, and is the first klicky I have seen with gloves.

But when you remove his helmet, the best part is…


He has a beard like me!

As any good adventure rider, he has a mud-splattered dual sport bike sporting knobbly tires and aluminum panniers.


He is well aware of the soft vs. hard luggage debate, but he says that he prefers aluminum boxes so that he has a place to display the stickers of all the places he has visited.


Here we can see him after a long day ride across the unknown – he has found himself a nice spot to camp and is getting ready to enjoy a proper rider’s meal: tinned sausages and ravioli.


It seems that it is going to be a warm night, so he has decided to sleep under the stars even though had already set up his tent.


But he is not alone, attracted by the smell of food from the empty tins, a mole has come out in search of some dinner.


Morning comes, and with it, the reassuring routine that accompanies him throughout his adventures – put the panniers back on the bike and pack his bags…


Take the tent down…


Pack the duffel bag…


Strap everything securely on the bike…


And away we go!



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