MoT passed

As I said yesterday, this morning I took the bike to its MoT (or rather, the Spanish equivalent of an MoT, called ITV here). I had to get it done for two reasons – one, it was due (it is every two years) and two, I had to get the paperwork for the change of ECU.

I booked the inspection at a center near my place of work, not only because it was convenient, but also because I had seen it recommended in the owner’s website. There are lots of potential problems with accessories in these kinds of inspections, even with the most common ones such as a higher windscreen or luggage racks, and I had been told that they were quite easy-going in this respect. It turns out it is true – they checked the bike’s brakes, lights, emissions and noise and asked for the dealer’s certificate regarding the change of the ECU and that was that. Passed!

So if anyone in or around Barcelona needs to pass their MoT, I highly recommend this center.


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