Action shots

One of the disadvantages of travelling solo is that you get zero pictures of yourself on the motorbike. You know, the cool ones, where you see yourself leaning into a corner against a nice Alpine background.

You can always put the camera on a tripod or on a rock and record a video, and then later obtain some pictures from the best frames, but it will not be as good as a shot taken with a long lens and the right shutter speed.

I had seen professional photographers take pictures and then sell them online at organised events such as the Rider1000, but this was the first time I found them on the open road.

In the Col du Galibier and then in the Strada dell’Assietta I saw photographers crouching in a corner, taking pictures of everybody who passed by. Further on up the road, they had set up a small stall where you could take one of their cards with their website and the instructions to buy and download your picture.

I thought it would be cool to have some pictures, so I took the cards and once back home checked out the results at Griffe Photos and PhotoAssietta.

Here are the photos, what do you think?

Griffe Photos



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