Some figures

Here’s the trip in numbers:

  • 5,799.7km
  • 9 countries
  • 35 days (25 days of riding)
  • 232km a day on average
  • Longest day: 660km
  • Shortest day: 6.2km
  • About 307 litres of fuel
  • 2 new tires fitted two days before starting, Heidenau K60, both still in good condition on the bike

Things that broke:

  • Nothing! (it’s a Honda)
  • The pump on the Coleman stove stopped working, fixed at Doug’s Motocamp in Bulgaria
  • 0 punctures

Things I lost:

  • A GoPro camera in Bulgaria, found by a very nice guy who found me and gave it back two days later

Things that got stolen:

  • A beer bottle and a beer can from the fridge in a guest house in Dubrovnik

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