Some figures

Here’s my trip in numbers:

–          22,271km

–          70 days (48 days of riding)

–          464km a day on average

–          Longest day: 783km

–          Shortest day: 237km

–          About 1,100 litres of fuel

–          2 front tires (last one still in use)

–          3 back tires (last one still in use)

–          1 transmission kit

–          4 spark plugs

–          1 air filter

–          1 set of rear brake pads

–          2 oil filters

Things that broke:

–          An oil leak from the chain tensioner seal; fixed in Volgograd.

–          The GPS mount and the chain guard bolts vibrated loose and got lost.

–          The rear rim was badly bent in Kazakhstan; fixed in Astrakhan.

–          The front left indicator was smashed in Norway.

–          Not a single puncture!

Things I lost:

–          A watch

–          A razor

–          A towel

–          A nail clipper

–          Two bottles of all-purpose concentrated soap

–          A pair of summer riding gloves

Things that got stolen:

–          The right pannier inner bag containing:

–          A tool kit

–          An air compressor

–          A spare oil filter

–          A can of chain cleaner

–          Spare chain links

–          Straps

–          A small tripod

–          A GoPro camera

–          A puncture repair kit

–          A Coleman multifuel stove (broken)

–          Maps


2 thoughts on “Some figures

    • Lots of things, hopefully! But for now something rather less spectacular and much more low budget – a tour of Northern Spain.
      As for other projects… They’ll take time, money and another bike, so nothing for a while 😦

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