Bye-bye Norway

Day 42 – Monday 5th of August – 10km east of Mo i Rana to Umeå (506km)

I wanted to do a bit of cleaning and greasing on the chain again this morning, as it was still making some noise I did not like, and I thought I would take my time after I woke up. It was cloudy, but there did not seem to be any rain coming, so I packed my stuff first and then did the chain, just in case. It was a wise decision, a while later, while I was having some breakfast, it started to rain. Fortunately this time it did not last long, and a few kilometers later I had to stop to take off some layers as it was getting quite hot.

The landscape was beautiful, and since my host in Umeå was working until 5 pm, I took my time to get there, stopping to take some pictures and even taking a little detour to do a bit of offroading and exploring the forest tracks.







I stopped to have lunch at a very nice picnic area with what might possibly be the cutest toilet I have seen so far on this trip, and at 7 pm I arrived at my destination, after one last stop to fill up the tank and discover that prices were back to reasonable. That is one thing I will not miss about Norway.



Lena, my host, was really nice and we got on well quickly. She offered me some coffee and she recommended some places to visit the following day, as well as a place nearby where I could hire a space to service the motorbike myself and save some money.


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