And now, the time has come…

It’s ten minutes to eleven and I’m sitting in a garden in Tiana, 20 minutes away from my flat, which I have already emptied and left this morning, trying to relax and to get some much needed rest before setting off tomorrow morning at seven.

This is it, I realize. I have spent so much time these last weeks lost away in preparations that I had not realised how nervous I was, and it all has hit me today, as I was saying my goodbyes to my flatmate, my parents, my sister, her boyfriend, my grandmother… I am leaving and not coming back for two months. I’ll spend most of my time on the road. I feel sad leaving so many loved people behind, but at the same time I am really excited, looking forward to all the places I will see, people I will meet, problems I will have, experiences I will live.

Before hitting the road tomorrow morning, I would like to thank all the people that has been near me this last year. Thank you all for your support, advice, interest, inspiration, help, for patiently listening to me rambling on and on about this trip and for following me on this blog.

I will see you on the road.


7 thoughts on “And now, the time has come…

  1. Good luck and Bon voyage mate. You’ll settle in when you get on the road and get a few nights wild camping under your belt. It goes fast mate, try and savor every moment. Most important, be open to opportunities that present themselves even when things seem to go tits up. Indeed, I hope it doesn’t go smoothly at all because that’s when the real adventure begins and you’ll have real stories to tell when you return. Safe riding brother. If theres anything I can help with just give me a shout.

  2. All the best Kili
    You left me way behind- still on my (overpriced) scooter- the trail of Vstrom dust lingers in Catalonia….have fun and maybe we’ll do a veteran’s version of this when we approach retirement!! I’ll have lots of time to train, mind you!!
    Best- in time of loneliness just remember us lot and sing an old Doors song- “Riders on the Strom’.. A hug!!

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