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Good morning!

Here I am, after a long weekend on the bike, testing all the equipment, sipping some instant coffee with milk and sugar that I bought for the trip. Not the best coffee in the world, but hey, it is hot coffee and I shall be grateful for it in some cold mornings.

Anyway, I will talk about the weekend on a longer post that I hope to write between today and tomorrow. This post was to announce that, following a suggestion from a fellow rider at the V-strom owners forum, I have set up a Facebook page for the project. The contents of the page will be the same as here, it will contain links to all the posts in this blog. It will make it easier for people to follow and share and the main difference is that in there I have uploaded practically all of the pictures I have taken so far, instead of just the highlights I have been posting here, so if anyone is interested in those (mostly technical so far), there thay are.

Here is the link:



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